In 2003, InOne Technology introduced their first replacement control board kit in response to the growing need for MDB to integrate card readers. InOne has now been offering vending solutions for more than 30 years and has been instrumental in getting standards implemented across the industry. The advantage of the OneBoard replacement kits is very simple; if you have a non-DEX or non-MDB vending machine you can install an InOne upgrade kit and your machine can now accept credit cards. It also supplies DEX or MDB codes for pre-kitting information, remote price change or remote vend and will interface with any telemetry supplier that follows the EVA DTS and MDB specifications adopted by the National Merchandising Association. The kits will allow use of your legacy payment peripherals, that’s an industry exclusive. Our boards work with the original ‘dumb’ or microMech changer and pulse validator. That can be a huge cost savings. The boards also have the option to make configuration changes either through a Micro SD memory card slot on the board or remotely. You can change the welcome message on the display to anything of your choosing.

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