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How to Configure a New InOne Upgrade Kit

Walk through how to set up an InOne board for use with different peripherals including MDB and Pulse mechs and validators.

How to Disable Dual Price for InOne Controllers

Troubleshoot issue where Dual Price setting ON causes incorrect price for selection and duplicate selections in DEX file. Affects AP4/5000, AP6/7000, AP110 and AP LCM InOne kits.

How to Clear System Errors on an InOne Technology Vending Controller

Video detailing how to clear SYS ERRORS on the InOne Technology control boards.

RVMC 110 1L Retrofit Upgrade Kit Part #383019

A run through of the replacement control board kit for the Automatic Products 110 Series Snackshop vending machine. Fits Models: 111, 112, 113

RVMC USI3100 (USI F80) Retrofit Upgrade Kit Part #383016

USI 3100 OneBoard Kit which upgrades the USI 3100 Series (with F80 Controller based machines) which include models: EC 24, GF12 II, GF19 II, GF35 II, Horizon II, HR 32, PS 24 Pro Series, RRF II

Fits Models: 3114, 3115, 3116, 3117, 3119, 3120, 3129, 3130, 3132, 3140, 3141 (Note: Any model with a -L at the end of the model number is not supported)

RVMC 120SL 1L Studio Upgrade Kit Part #383029

Unboxing the AP Studio SL Merchandiser kit. Fits models: Studio SL 1, Studio SL 2, Studio SL 3, Studio SL 4, Studio SL 5

RVMC NAT147 NAT148 Retrofit Upgrade Kit Part #383022

A description of the InOne Crane/National Snack Center and Refreshment Center Upgrade kit. Includes information on power modification at 6:12 for machines needing more power to handle the demand of multiple MDB devices. Fits models: 147, 148, 461, 462, 474, 475, 476, 477, 478, 479

RVMC LCM Retrofit Upgrade Kit Part #383021

Going through the AP Snackshop LCM Series upgrade kit, including hints and tricks for installation and a full explanation of connections. Fits models: LCM 1, LCM 2, LCM 3, LCM 4

RVMC USI SnackMart 3,4 & 6 Retrofit Upgrade Kit Part #383152

Discussing the USI Snackmart (SM 3, 4 & 6 with Versatile Controllers) Upgrade kit with some helpful hints. Kit can be installed in USI Models: Combo 3/6, DZF 5000, GF-19, GF-35, Horizon Snack, Lance Super Vendor, RFS, Snack Mart III, SM6

AP7600 VMC Board Installation Video

A demonstration of how to install the AP7600 VMC Replacement board.

Upgrading Your Vending Machine by Installing an InOne VMC

Walking you through installing a new control board on an AP112 snack machine.

Installation of Drop Sensors on a Machine Upgraded with an InOne VMC

Walking you through the process of installing drop sensors on a machine upgraded using an InOne Technology Control Board.

General Product Talk

A brief overview of the company, how we started and the products we offer.

PDF Guides

Quick Start and Troubleshooting Guide
Automatic Products (AP) 110 Series
Automatic Products (AP) 110 VMC to RVMC
Automatic Products (AP) 120 Series
Automatic Products (AP) 4 & 5000 Series
Automatic Products (AP) 6 & 7000 Series
Automatic Products (AP) LCM Series
Automatic Products (AP) Studio SL
Automatic Products (AP) Studio ST
National Vendors 145 & 146
National Vendors 147 & 148
Royal Vendors 650
U Select It (USI) SnackMart 3, 4 & 6 (Versatile Controller)
U Select It (USI) 3100 Series (F80 Controller)
U Select It (USI) CB500
U Select It (USI) CB700
General Setup & Configuration
Changing Idle Message
Check Battery Backup (VMC)
Controller Identification
Dual Pricing
Factory Reset
Firmware Upgrade
OLED vs LCD Displays
Pulse Bill Cable
OneBoard Reference Guide

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