InOne Technology has released new upgrade kits for three drink machines. InOne will have two new upgrade kits available to support three drink machines. The new kits are available for Royal 650 Merlin IV and its variants and a second kit for USI CB500 (3189) and USI CB700 (3151) cabinets.

These new drink upgrade kits include all standard software features found on InOne snack controllers with additional hardware/software support to handle refrigeration control including the ability to adjust cold box temperature. Features also include the ability to set space-to-sales, shock/chute sensor support (guaranteed vend) with sensor pot adjustability. Temperature adjustment is available while in service mode, the control board defaults to an interior temperature of 42° but can be user adjustable.

“We had a successful beta phase trial and are excited to release these boards,” said Arnie Levin, Hardware Technical Support Manager for InOne. We are extremely grateful for the time and attention to detail of our beta testers: Angry Chris, Mark at A1 Vending Repair, Brian at Vendors Choice, Alden at Vendors Tech, and Jeff at Vansnax.  With their help we can offer operators’ greater flexibility in leveraging their existing equipment.

InOne Technology is the industry leader of vending machine technologies including cashless, remote monitoring, vending machine controllers, LED energy saving, DEX, double line display, sales blocking, multi-price or MDB, MDB bill valuators, MDB coin mech, guaranteed delivery sensors, and real-time alarm systems. As DEX pioneers, In One Technology continues to provide valuable innovations so vending machine owners have the technology they need to grow a more profitable and hassle-free business.

If you wish to place an order, email [email protected]