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Control Boards

AP 110 OneBoard Kit

AP 120 OneBoard Kit

AP 6/7000 OneBoard Kit

RVMC-4/5000-AD Addendum Kit to Use AP 6/7000 Kits in 4/5000 Machines

AP LCM OneBoard Kit

AP Studio SL OneBoard Kit

AP Studio ST OneBoard Kit

National 145/146 OneBoard Kit

National 147/148 OneBoard Kit

Polyvend 3/4/5/6000 OneBoard Kit

Royal 650 Merlin IV OneBoard Kit

USI 3100 OneBoard Kit (To Replace USI F80 Controller Based Machines)

USI SM3/SM4/SM6 OneBoard Kit (To Replace USI Versatile Controller Based Machines)

USI CB500 & CB700 OneBoard Kit (To Replace Control Board in Vendors with RED display ONLY )


VPOS Touch Card Reader Set

NFC – Contactless Payment Card – Nayax Branded

VPOS Touch Protective Casing

15 Degree Angled Spacer/Stand

VPOS Touch Universal Spacer

VPOS Touch MDB/DEX 3M-Long Standard Harness

VPOS Touch MDB/DEX Full Harness

VPOS Touch Pulse Harness

4G 3 ft High Gain External Mount Antenna

4G 6 ft High Gain External Mount Antenna

VPOS Touch ETH RJ11 Male To RJ45 Female Cable

Sensor Kits

AP 4/5000, 6/7000 & 110 Sensor Kit

AP 120 Sensor Kit

AP LCM Sensor Kit

USI 3000 Series Sensor Kit


Replacement AP 110 Keypad for InOne Kits

34” Extra Length Display Cable

Order Upgrade Kits, Card Reader, Sensor Kit and Hardware for your Cashless Device